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Newsletter Archive

December 7th, 1999

General Info

This week we will be playing another Adventurer's Guild adventure. No need bring your characters.

The adult group is now going strong. It looks like we will be at capacity most weeks. The youth group still needs members. If you know anyone interested have them contact me, or DJ,

Currently we only have four members at Guild level. If we can get two more, that will qualify us for free beta products. Come on you cheep skates and fork over the 20 bucks :) It really is worth it. You get a free module, a subscription to Polyhedron, an RPGA rule book, and a cool membership card that will have your peers envying you. Also this year they sprang a couple of surprise gifts, including a reprint of the original Ravenloft module for Halloween.

Last week's adventure seemed to be a big hit. Needle in the eye was based on AD&D's new Guide to Hell accessory. Out of six players, Dizzy Dugout sold at least three copies of the source book.

Web Site

The web site is soon to go up in it's beta form. I will send an update when it is available. The URL is If any of you have any ideas for the site let me know. Or if any of you have anything you would like to contribute: stories, artwork, Living City character bios and backgrounds, send those to me.

Scheduled content for the beta release is:
Adventurer's Guild schedule and player ranking.
Living City schedule.
A member directory.
RPGA downloads
How to register and play in our group.

New Members

Last week we welcomed a new member, Dave Wilson, to the adult group. Looks like we didn't scare him away so he will be returning this week. What is he thinking? This week we will have another new member in the adult group, my wife Kendra. She has been signed up from the beginning but this is the first time she will be playing. Also rumor at the Dugout has DJ digging up more players for the youth group.


This week's adventure is Dragotha's Lair, based on the new adventure Return to White Plum Mountain 25th Anniversary.

Dragotha's Lair

Thursday 5:30-9:30, Adult Group
Dungeon Master: Scott Kuhl
Players: Robert Frazier, Dave Wilson, Jason Wakefield, Matt Dellamano, Kendra Kuhl
1 Slot Open

Saturday 4:00-8;00, Youth Group
Dungeon Master: Ryan Rouggly
Players: DJ Pratt
5 Slots Open

That's it for this week. See you at the games.

Scott R. Kuhl