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Newsletter Archive

Dizzy Dugout RPGA Chapter Weekly Newsletter
Volume 1
Issue 2
December 13, 1999


Hey gang. Welcome to Issue 2 of our weekly newsletter. I'm am still trying out formats for both this newsletter and our web site. Please e-mail any comments or suggestions to

Last week was a big week for our group. The adult group had 3 new members playing. Wow, we're growing fast now. The adult group is pretty much full every week now with two players waiting. I have also heard that we may have
three more players joining us some time in the future with a possible fourth.  As soon as we can get at least four adults to commit we will need to form a second adult group.

Some big things are coming down the pipe from the RPGA. And I think you guys are going to like most of the changes. They are cuting back on Adventurer's Guild tournaments. Instead of 2 each month we will only be getting one. And season's are eliminated. This also means no more prizes.  Now before you guys go crazy because you can't win those cool dice bags. The rest is all good news. Living campaigns are now available on a by order basis. I know you guys like these more. So now we don't have to play two Adventurer's Guild to get one living campaign. We will pe playing one Adventurer's Guild per month and the rest living campaigns.

Notice I said living campaigns, not Living City? Traditionally our group has been AD&D only and I don't have any plans on changing that. But next year Living Greyhawk arrives. And even if your not a big Grewhawk fan, this thing has real potential. It will cover the entire Greyhawk world, and each of the RPGA groups will be givin a section of that world. It's a real campaign where what we do makes a difference.

Calling all Dungeon Masters! As much as your local Gamemaster likes judging, I'm itching to stretch my playing legs again. If any of you out there have any DM experience, and I know some of you do, I'd like to have someone take over the Adventurer's Guild judging for the adult group.  It's easy to do, in fact it's a lot easier than DMing an on-going campaign, so don't worry about not having enough knowledge. And it only takes about an hour to prepare for the game. I'll worry about voting sheets and form submission to the RPGA. I'll keep judging the Living City campaign so no ones character falls behind. But if no one steps forward to volunteer judge for the Adventurer's Guild, I can't be held responsible for the sudden increase in beheadings in Raven's Bluff :) Also, if someone wants to judge for Living City I could keep the Adventurer's Guild job.

This will be the last gaming week of the millenium! We will be breaking for two weeks for the Holidays. Let's go out with a blast. Extra fireballs for all mages this week!

Next week I'll cover changes to the Living City.


I've added a lot of new sections to the web site. Check out the What's New list on the home page. Some additions include RPGA sections listed below and a message board all of you can use. Now we can keep communication up between members easier.


12/8/1999 - New RPGA Message Boards
12/7/1999 - Vote for LC/Winter Fantasy
12/6/1999 - High level event hosting request

For details visit the RPGA Bulletins section of our web site.


Shopping for Gamers, 12/8/1999

For details visit the RPGA Articles section of our web site.


We had 3 new members this week. Welcome, and we hope to see you all again.

Ben Gaines, Adult Group
Matt Gaines, Adult Group
Kendra Kuhl,, Adult Group


This week's adventure is Amongst Fungus, based on the Drizzt D'Ourden's Guide to the Underdark. It is an Adventurer's Guild so no need to bring your characters.

Amongst Fungus

Thursday 5:30-9:30, Adult Group
Dungeon Master: Scott Kuhl
Players: Jeremy Booth, Matt Dellamano, Robert Frazier, Kendra Kuhl, 
Jason Wakefield, Dave Wilson
No Slots Open

Saturday 4:00-8;00, Youth Group
Dungeon Master: Ryan Rouggly
Players: DJ Pratt
5 Slots Open

That's it for this week. See you at the games.
Scott R. Kuhl