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Newsletter Archive

Dizzy Dugout RPGA Chapter Weekly Newsletter
Volume 1
Issue 3
December 20, 1999


The Living City campaign is going through some major changes next year so I thought we should review them:

We have received a special adventure from the RPGA. It is a reprint of the original Ravenloft module brought up to date with current rules. This will be given away as a special prize in an upcoming tournament. A new arena has been built on the edge of Sigil. A ring of powerful wizards have rounded up some of the most powerful people and creatures in AD&D. Why? For their own amusement, and to answer the question: Who is the most powerful of them all?.... (More to come next Millenium)

We now have a total of five guild level members. One more and we will officially be an RPGA Club.

With the new year approaching we are making some changes to our groups. Effective immediately there is no more youth group. Instead we will be forming two groups of mixed adult and youth. When we reach enough capacity we may try splitting out the youth group again. Below you will find the list of attendees for each group. The regulars from the Thursday group will stay. The second group does not have a meeting time yet. I am working that out based on everyone's feedback. We currently have one definite spot open on Thursday for anyone that wants it. E-mail me at Anyone on the inactive list that wants to participate also let me know. Also we have no DM for the Living City for the second group. We need a volunteer or its not going to happen. If need be we can add up to two more players in the Thursday group for the Living City, but not Classic Tournaments. Based on responses we will have a definite plan for the groups after the first of the year.

DM-AG - Dungeon Master for Classic Tournments
DM-LC - Dungeon Master for Living City

Thursday Group Second Group
Jeremy Booth Robert Frazier (DM-AG)
Matt Dellamano DJ Pratt (Youth)
Kendra Kuhl Ryan Rouggly (Youth)
Scott Kuhl (DM-AG) Charles Williams
Jason Wakefield
Dave Wilson (DM-LC)
Inactive Members
Ben Gaines
Matt Gaines
Nick Pashia (Youth)
Bob Riepshoff
Aaron Wellen


My e-mail will be changing soon, so for now send all e-mail to I will let everyone know the new address as soon as it is active.

A chat room and message board have been added to the web site.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

The Living City section has been updated. Want to know more about Raven's Bluff? What is a chivalry point? How do I join the Wizard's Guild? All these questions can be answered at our expanded Living City section. Or go to the download page and download a handy Living City kit. It includes character creation rules, judging information, campaign information such as guilds, and a rules compendium. This along with the sourcebook "The City of Raven's Bluff" is everything you need to play a character to his/her fullest in the Living City.

I will be adding a new section to the web site that profiles our characters in the Living City. So send me you character information to be added. Email the following:

Picture (If available), Name, Title, Alignment, Level, Gender, Clan/Race, Class/Kit, Character Description

Please be detailed on the character description as this really is what our characters are all about. I am looking for history, favorite fighting techniques, personal interests, goals, likes/dislikes, etc. Someone should be able to get a very good idea of who the character is and what he/she is all about just by reading this.


None this week.

For details visit the RPGA Bulletins section of our web site.


None this week.

For details visit the RPGA News section of our web site.


None this week.

For details visit the RPGA Articles section of our web site.


The December issue is available with limited content on our web site.


The Official Newsletter of Raven's Bluff

Top Story:


The current issue of the Trumpeter is now available on our web site.


We had another new member this week. Everyone say hello.

Charles Williams, Fellowship Level,


The schedule has been updated through January and now includes two more Living City tournaments.

No games this week or the next. Happy Holidays everyone!

The next newsletter will be January 3rd, 2000, pending the apocalypse :)

That's it for this week. See you at the games.
Scott R. Kuhl