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Newsletter Archive

Dizzy Dugout RPGA Chapter Weekly Newsletter
Volume 2
Issue 1
January 03, 2000


This will be a short newsletter this week. Because of the holiday Wizards of the Coast has been pretty much shut down.

Welcome to the post apocolypse. Now that the seas have stopped boiling, the earth no longer shaking and the fire from the sky complete we can get back to our little fantasy group. Oh, wait a second, maybe I got that backwards. Oh well.  Welcome to 2000! This is promising to be a big year for D&D as we roll into 3rd Edition.

The Living City campaign will lauch into high gear starting next week with our first adventure in quite a while. Be sure to have those characters ready to go. If you need any help you can e-mail me at The DM for the Living City campaign will be Dave Wilson, he can be reached at

Currently there are not enough members to start a second group.


From: Matt Dellamano
Matt has set up a new Yahoo! club for online gaming. It can be found at:

We will be adding a link to it on our web site soon.


The Haunting of Silver Ruins 
Classic Tournament based on Von Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium

Thursday, January 6th 5:30-9:30
Dungeon Master: Scott R. Kuhl
Players: Jeremy Booth, Matt Dellamano, Robert Frazier, Jason Wakefield, Dave Wilson
1 Slot Open

That's it for this week. See you at the games.
Scott R. Kuhl