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Newsletter Archive

Dizzy Dugout RPGA Chapter Weekly Newsletter
Volume 2
Issue 3
January 17, 2000


IMPORTANT: The Thursday group will now begin at 5:45, not 5:30.

The Fall season has come to a close! And with that the winners are announced. Prizes will be awarded as soon as we receive them from RPGA HQ. Drumroll please. And the winner for the 1999 Fall Season are:

1 Jason Wakefield with 58 points over 4 games
2 Jeremy Booth with 47 points over 3 games
3 Matt Dellamano with 37 points over 3 games and Dave Wilson with 37 points over 2 games
5 Robert Frazier with 36 points over 3 games
6 Kendra Kuhl with 31 points over 2 games
7 Scott Kuhl with 25 points in 1 game
8 Ben Gaines with 18 points in 1 game
9 Charles Williams with 6 points in 1 game
10 DJ Pratt with 4 points in 1 game
11 Matt Gaines with 1 point in 1 game

In the future, seasons will run yearly. It is uncertain now as to what the prizes will be. But hey, that's not why we play. Is it? Also there will be different categories. Classic tournment, those with pregenerated characters, also known as Adventurer's Guild and Living City. We will add a third, Living Greyhawk, when it becomes available.

Send in an NPC style description of your Living City character so we can post them on our web site. We are getting hits from the outside community now so let's let the other clubs get to know our alter egos.

And now a request from your Living City Dungeon Master:

I would like all the LC characters to have a rough background of their characters. You have the option to make this as detailed as you want, so if your inspiring to have a lush background here is your chance. I am not the roleplay police, but I do believe in rewarding those who roleplay their character with appropiate amount of experience. Here is a oppurtunity to earn a little extra experience every session. Also, when making out your backgrounds and personalities, keep in mind all LC characters are of a good alignment. One quick tip on creating a small background. Pick a city, sometimes it is best to use a bigger city, there is more oppurtunity to have a background. Also, when selecting proficincies, try to select at least one on the Local History or area. This is a way to get GM help when trying to remember what your "character" may know that you, as a player, doesn't. Also for a quick personality that allows growth use the 5 rules. Pick 5 things your character likes, desires, loves, hates, and small character quirks. This should give you enough background and a good starting point to advance your character in the game.

Dave Wilson


Good news. We are currently generating about 50 hits a day to our web site. People are actually visiting us.

The web site has had major updates to it so stop by and check it out. But not today! The web site should have all its posting by tomorrow.

The sections that are in Adobe Acrobat format are now marked so you can expect longer downloads before you click on them. If you don't have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader you can get it for free from the download section of our website.


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12/22/1999 - Brain Buffet

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Annie Would I Lie To You, Living City Tournament
At the dawn of spring, all of Raven's Bluff comes to celebrate a rebirth, the Greengrass Celebration, led by the temples of Lathander, Liira, and Sune.

Thursday 5:45-9:45
Dungeon Master: Dave Wilson
Players: Jeremy Booth, Matt Dellamano, Kendra Kuhl, Scott Kuhl, Jason Wakefield
No Slots Open, We have a new member filling the 6th slot and I apologize for not knowing her name.

That's it for this week. See you at the games.
Scott R. Kuhl