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Newsletter Archive

Dizzy Dugout RPGA Chapter Weekly Newsletter
Volume 2
Issue 4
January 24, 2000


Well I've got some bad news on prizes. Apparently the Fall prizes were shipped last year and now their all gone. I have one prize still floating around. It's a reprint of the original AD&D Ravenloft module with all rules updated. And the prize goes to Jason Wakefield who took first place.

Now better prize news. Starting in February each module will include a player certificate which goes to the first place player at each game. So that means more prizes. We will also be putting together a prize for the end of the year for the overall first place winners in the Living City, Classic Tournaments, and Living Greyhawk. I will let you know more about the player certificates when I actually see one.

A new schedule has been posted through February 17th. I have not received the modules from HQ yet. So everyone cross your fingers that they get here on time. Stop by the web site to see the new schedule.

There will be no Classic Tournament for the month of January. HQ sent us an Alternity adventure "Playing The Part". Since our chapter has no interest in further games outside of AD&D we will not be playing any Classic adventures during months where the feature is non AD&D. If anyone out there is interested in the modules please contact me.


01/21/2000 - RPGA Announces New Magazine

For details visit the RPGA News section of our web site.


We have another new member this week. In the last newsletter I couldn't remember her name. This week I have at least got the first name: Sunday. Welcome! Maybe by next week I'll have the full name :) 


Life And Death Struggle

Chaos has run rampant in Ravens Bluff recently and has had strange and terrifying effects. Including what may be the most horrifying of all: the end of birth and death.

Thursday 5:45-9:45
Dungeon Master: Dave Wilson
Players: Jeremy Booth, Kendra Kuhl, Scott Kuhl, Jason Wakefield, Sunday
1 Slot Open

That's it for this week. See you at the games.
Scott R. Kuhl