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Dizzy Dugout RPGA Chapter Weekly Newsletter
Volume 2
Issue 6
February 7, 2000


We have had a growing interest in our group since HQ started posting our game days on their web site. That means we are gearing up for a second group.

Here is the current group list:

Group 1
Jeremy Booth, Matt Dellamano, Kendra Kuhl, Scott Kuhl, Sunday, Jason Wakefield, Dave Wilson

Group 2
Robert Frazier, Kenny Kuhn, DJ Pratt, Michelle Sharp, Someguy, Charles Williams

I NEED EVERYONE IN THE SECOND GROUP TO E-MAIL ME WITH DAYS AVAILABLE!!!!!!!! Let's get ready to rumble! I mean game.

I will notify the second group when we will be starting. But it is very difficult to get these things going. So please reply soon.

New Member!

We have two new members. Both of them are experienced ;) gamers and RPGA Guild Members. Welcome. 

Michelle Sharp, 
Kenny Kuhn,


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Shadowed Paths

It's been a lazy few weeks in Ravens Bluff, with pleasant weather and little trouble in the days of mid-summer. You've 
had time to relax, catch up on work or friends, and actually enjoy life for a change. In fact, things are really starting 
to look up when you receive an invitation to a party at the Grand Griffon Inn! - If past experience is any indication, 
this could be the start of something interesting.

Thursday 5:45-9:45
Dungeon Master: Dave Wilson
Players: Jeremy Booth, Matt Dellamano, Scott Kuhl, Michelle Sharp, Jason Wakefield, Sunday
No Slots Open

That's it for this week. See you at the games.
Scott R. Kuhl