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RPGA News Archive

Winter Fantasy Update, 01/14/2000

Day One of the Convention

After a very early start, we got the convention open more or less on time. There was a problem with the registration area which was traced to a bad network hub, but we recovered from that stumble and are now printing badges just fine. Events are selling out, and it is a good thing we have extra judges. I would guess that we have run close to 50 packets in the two slots today, though I don't have an exact count.

Snow! We had a little snow today, in the morning during set-up and again in the late afternoon. We expect to be in our shorts again by tomorrow, so it may not be here when you get here, but it definitely made the place look wintry. There was one traffic accident in front of the hotel, but it was not entirely caused by the snow according to some members who witnessed it. The weather has been good to us the whole convention.

Personally, I was involved in checking in exhibitors (almost all of whom are here), was pulled in three or four directions by people asking questions, and was a little confused as I watched the marshaling in the first slot. But the marshals are doing a great job, and the first slot always looks confusing. I met with the Living City directors, and with Claire to talk about conversion of Living Death to 3E and the Gen Con world's fair interactive.

The restaurant report so far agrees with my own experience: King Gyros is the favorite, followed by the usual McDs-Arby's-Wendy's-whatever preferences. I ate at the Chinese buffet place, and it was good. I recommend it, but first realize it is a buffet and lower expectations accordingly.

Friday's highlights include the Living City meeting at 4 pm., and the Living City interactive at 7 pm. See you there.

This is the last update for the show, until I write a show summary. Our cooperative website content posters get to go home on the weekend.