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RPGA Ranking System

RPGAŽ Network Tournament Play Ranking System

The Network sponsors role-playing tournaments throughout the world. Last year the Network sent tournaments out to over 250 conventions in the English-speaking world. These tournaments use a special voting system to determine who played best and how well the referee ran the game; each player fills out a ballot that has a section for evaluating the referee and a space for listing the four best players. The votes each player earned are then totaled and the highest-scoring player is declared the winner. When members participate in these events, HQ records the results. The more tournaments you play, and the better you do in those events, the more points you earn.

Your points add up, and you are assigned player and judge levels based partly on how many you have. You receive levels as a player in two categories: Campaign and Classic events. Campaign events are those for which you bring a character, such as Living City (tm). Classic events are those for which a character is provided. Judges receive their points all into one pool, the Judge ranking.

Non-voting points can be accrued in Retail Play, Interactive, and online gaming events. These points add to your player level by segmentation.


Level Title Point Range
0 Novice 0-749
1 Player 750-2249
2 Gamer 2250-5249
3 Master 5250-11249
4 Strategist 11250-23249
5 Grand Master 23250-48249
6 Leader 48250-98249
7 Paragon 98250-198249
8 Adventurer 198250-398249
9 Master Adventurer 398250-698249
10 10th Level M.A. 698250-1098249
11 11th Level M.A. 1098250-1598249
12 12th Level M.A. 1598250-2189249


Level Title Point Range
0 Rookie 0-999
1 Speaker 1000-2999
2 Arbiter 3000-6999
3 Master 7000-14999
4 Proctor 15000-30999
5 Grand Master 31000-62999
6 Mastermind 63000-126999
7 Paragon 27000-246999
8 Judge 247000-486999
9 Game Master 487000-846999
10 10th Level G.M. 847000-1326999
11 11th Level G.M. 1327000-192699
12 12th Level G.M. 1927000-2646999
At 3rd level a player or judge becomes eligible to participate in Masters-level tournaments. Triple points are awarded for Masters events.

At 5th level a player or judge becomes eligible to participate in Grand Masters-level tournaments. Quadruple points are awarded for Grand Masters events.

At 7th level a player or judge becomes eligible to participate in Paragon-level tournaments. Quintuple points are awarded for Paragon events.

Players and judges of any level can participate in Benefit tournaments. All cash proceeds from Benefit events are donated to a worthy charity. Double points are awarded for Benefit events.